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 current project - school related

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PostSubject: current project - school related   Thu Oct 28, 2010 1:29 am

Alright, this is just a Beginning Stage in the design, but would like your guy's input.
I am designing a group of "themes" for a contest Nation(US)wide, called BPA(Business Professionals of America). I am brand new to it, and am entering for Graphic Design.
I have been presented a "theme" I guess you would call it
BPA Theme wrote:
Stand out from the Crowd.
The theme must include something to do with Chicago, IL, as well as the Quote above.
As Chicago is a fairly large city, I decided to make a theme layout somewhat based on Roads, buildings, and Here is the image so far..

this image includes fully custom Car Designs shown in the following images, as well as Building Design in Full-Scale Size. The car was Designed off of a Dodge Charger found on the internet, and was revised, and "edited" if you would call it. the building was based off of another image I found on the web, and was a bit lopsided I guess you would call it, but it actually turned out to look pretty nice. Yes, they don't look Hi-Tech or anything, but they will have to do for now. As I stated before, this is just a "rough draft" and is not a set Theme.

I would like your guy's Input on what I can do to edit, make look better, and well.. just some other Ideas for a theme quoted "Stand Out From The Crowd"

Other Images

My Designed Car:

My Designed House:
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current project - school related
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